Transforming Parks & Trails

Gold Carbon designs, renovates and improves parks and trails to adapt to modern needs, create easy access for the community, and enhance the experience with useful technology.

Upcoming Events

Park Clean Up and Strech at Porterdale Yellow River Park on June 22nd 2024

Join us Saturday, June 22nd 2024 in Porterdale Yellow River Park to help clean up this beautiful park!

This is a great way to get out in the community, meet new and familiar faces and give back to the community WE care deeply about.

To learn more and get involved, please click HERE to sign up!

When people feel better, they do better.

And there's no greater resource for a community than its parks and public spaces.

At Gold Carbon, we believe that parks and trails should be accessible, engaging, and cost-effective for everyone. That's why we combine our people-centric design approach with our eco-friendly emerging technology expertise to create parks and trails that meet the needs of all community members across generations.

We work closely with community leaders, public safety officers, clergy, and businesses to design and renovate parks, trails, waterways, and public buildings in a way that enhances the quality of life for everyone.

Community Involvement

We partner with local communities to design and build parks to meet their needs.

Our Community Involvement

Park Preservation

Our organization brings the community together to preserve and enhance the parks and trails they enjoy.

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Technology Enablement

We leverage technology to transform public spaces into more inclusive and accessible community assets.

How We're Enabling Technology
Waterfall and Stream

Clean and Accessible Parks

We assess each park and trail, gather feedback from the community through surveys and networking events, to develop a plan to design, renovate and improve local parks and trails.

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Family-Friendly Design

We create parks and trails that are designed and developed with families in mind:

  • Playgrounds and Play Areas
  • Picnic Areas and Shelters
  • Bike Rental Stations
  • Shade and Seating

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Man with child in stroller on a trail
Hikers viewing a smartphone

Modern Interactive Technology

Incorporating technology solutions that enhance park and trail experiences:

  • Wi-Fi Access
  • Solar-Powered Charging Stations
  • Interactive Kiosks

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Help us create a world that takes pride and action to take care of their community for future generations.